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Using Your MetLife Benefits Wisely


Dr. Hansen and the rest of our team at White Peak Dental are proud to be in-network with most dental insurance companies out there, including the more popular ones like MetLife. If you have questions about your plan, our front desk staff can answer them and help you understand what you’ll be responsible for paying out-of-pocket. Your MetLife dentist in Cottonwood can’t wait to get you on the path toward a healthier, more affordable smile, so contact us today!

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Learn More About the Benefits of MetLife

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If you want to enjoy the most savings from your MetLife policy, you need to be taking advantage of our preventive care. Dental cleanings and checkups not only are typically covered in full but also prevent the need for more advanced, expensive care. In other words, when you visit us at White Peak Dental every six months, you reduce your chances of having to pay for services that have lower coverage.

MetLife Coverage Availability & Fees

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With various plans available, it’s hard to generalize coverage for everyone; however, MetLife benefits usually look something like the following:

  • 100 percent coverage for preventive services like cleanings and checkups
  • 70 to 80 percent coverage for minor restorative care like tooth-colored fillings
  • 50 percent coverage for major restorative services like crowns, dentures, and bridges.

Like many other insurance companies, MetLife doesn’t typically cover cosmetic procedures like veneers or whitening because these treatments are considered elective.